"A Journey"
"A Journey

2018 STAR art sales continue

The auction is over but the Shipyard Trust for the Arts (STAR) is continuing its Fall fundraising efforts online!

Twelve Shipyard artists have donated artworks to be offered at half their retail price for a limited time. Sales of the artworks support the mission of STAR, the artists’ nonprofit organization.

These excellent artworks are displayed in our online gallery. All sales will be at the price listed here to the first buyer; this is not an auction.

If you’re interested in a piece, contact STAR at info@shipyardtrust.org to arrange to view it in person at the Shipyard. Please state which piece(s) you are interested in and how we may reach you by phone or email. If you can’t pick up your purchase(s) we can deliver them locally at no charge, or pack and ship them to you at your expense.

Learn about these artists: Marius Starkey, Mary Southall, Steve Reoutt (1938-2008)*, Stephanie Peek, Jeff Long, Carol Kummer, Howard Hersh, Paul D. Gibson, Qi Re Ching, Carol Banfield, Kay Kang, and Wynne Hayakawa. (* external link)

Image featured on this page: Kay Kang, “A Journey,” Drawing/Collage, 15″ x 15″, $450.