Art Rocks Clubhouse photo

Art Rocks Clubhouse’s Saturday classes coming up

Shipyard artist/educator Brian Moore‘s popular Art Rocks Clubhouse provides free art classes to kids.

Where: Hunters Point Shipyard, Building 101 (the big building), Studio 2517
Meet at 451 Galvez St. near the Muni 19 bus stop and the security gate; ample free parking

When: 12:00 noon Saturday, July 30, and August 6, 13, 20, and 27

Classes are FREE – confirm by email or phone call – you must confirm
Brian – 415 305 8745 | |

Kids aged four to ten are welcome.
Class usually lasts for about two hours or a bit more and includes a visit to artists’ studios.

Parent or guardian must attend.

These are advanced classes and are designed for kids and parents with some art background.

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