Adam Bannister

My work is commonly visually disparate yet often has a conceptual continuity. A particular material does not enrapture me as much as so by a concept, form, or process. I work in various materials and mediums, allowing the work or its concept to decide how best to present itself. I may choose to work abstractly, focusing only on form, or I may focus on a particular idea that may be highly personal or conversely, more relating to society or the art world. My consistency lies in my inconsistency and allows me the freedom to focus on expression without the limitations of working within a single material, medium or method.I feel that for art, as an idea, to continue to be interesting, it must constantly evolve. Rules must be set and then broken. Concepts should be realized and then deconstructed and reinterpreted. Lines should be blurred. Borders should be crossed. Some people may become offended.Simply, I create work that attempts to express the forms, ideas, concepts and/or commentary that arise inside my head.

Building: Islais Creek - Studio: 302
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