Aisjah Hopkins

To purchase an art work, I will accept checks, or cash. Also payment over time is fine with me.

I have taken  a new approach to my painting. I am incorporating what I discovered while painting my Shipyard Planes with little recognizable reference  to the actual scene but still are based on the landscape tradition.

My interests have evolved, perhaps not obvious as landscapes always look like landscapes but my intention now is in using abstraction and the creation of planes to simplify my vision. I want to find a way to express the way light creates a sense of joy as the landscape is illuminated. 

**** Not all these paintings are in my studio. Look for **** next to title

Other than in person for Open Studio, to purchase a painting, make an appointment,

I will bring the paintings you want to view to my studio at a time that works for you.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1518
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