Alan Mazzetti

Alan Mazzetti comes from a family of artists and has been a visual artist all his life. Moving to San Francisco in the early 1970’s to study at the Academy of Art, he stayed to work independently as a graphic designer, then illustrator, and currently as a fine arts painter.

“With both my Abstracts and my Landscapes, I take an iconic, narrative approach that evolved directly from my previous work. I use essential, minimal shapes to evoke the subject with color and texture suggesting the story.” The story is usually about Transition, a theme common to all of his paintings. “I like to imply a sense of journey – of movement through time and space that ultimately arrives at an unexpected destination – for both myself and the viewer.”

A native Californian, his most recent paintings reflect the rural and urban environment that he passes through regularly. “Re-presenting these everyday scenes has led me to a new understanding and appreciation of them. While I’m consciously analyzing and interpreting the image in a personal way, I’m also working at staying true to the scene. My personal experience becomes universal, and everyone sees the subject from a new perspective.”  Alan exhibits his work nationally and is included in international publications and collections as well.

Building: 116 - Studio: 22
Phone: 415-336-8970
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Artist Bio

After 20 years as an independent graphic designer and illustrator in San Francisco, I began to paint and exhibit here in 1996.  My studio is in Building 116 at the Hunters Point Shipyard Studios.  In addition to Open Studios, I currently work with a number of SF Bay Area Galleries and Consultants.


Many years worth of exhibitions, some national, most local, are available on request.


Likewise available on request.

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