Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Western Michigan University majored in painting minored in sculpture.

Part of The Point Artist co-op community in Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco for 17 years, where my studio is located.  Participated in at least 6 Open Studios throughout the years here at the shipyard.Worked as an artist assistant for Teresa Camozzi, a well-organized professional artist, known nation wide and selling her beautiful sculpture, photos, and paintings nation wide. Working for Teresa for 2 and a half years was a very valuable experience and taught me how to be more professional towards my art. More professional than I ever imagined I should be. It was like a light bulb was turned on, but slowly over time. So, much love to her and all the artists that have touched my life and encouraged me in school and here in San Francisco. I have given the majority of my major works to my family members which has always been a priority of mine.Speaking of family, my father was and my daughter is a very talented artist. My father, Joe Perkins was a graphic artist working for the U.S. Military. My daughter is a talented young artist interested in illustrating, and writing books. She has a great imagination. Page 5 in my portfolio is dedicated to my dad, and my daughter Serafina.I am, at heart, an Art for Art’s sake artist, doing art that I want to do for family and patrons. I would like to market my art nation wide and continue this philosophy. The prices listed for each item of art is the price for the original including a beautiful frame. ALL art, including art listed “not for sale” will be available as a print, at 60% to 80% lower than the original item of art…..Also….All artwork are availible on T-shirts, for more info call me or e-mail……Please check Sera and I on and type Hunter’s Point Alan Perkins…PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU, BABY………….

Building: 117 - Studio: 3122
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