ArtSeed: Kay Weber

Kay Weber (pronounced “Kai”) is Artist-in-Residence at the Tenderloin Clubhouse. He is an artist and teacher, a frequent guest artist in Building 101, and increasingly involved with ArtSeed in recent years.

Kay is a Mixed Media Artist who specializes in Paper Cutting and Collages. He draws inspiration from nature, mythology, and folk stories. Kay also teaches art to children at the Boys & Girls Club, fostering their creativity and connection with the community. ArtSeed has invited Kay’s Club members to participate in Youth Open Studios for six years.

ArtSeed’s mission is to connect the most resourceful & gifted with the youngest & most vulnerable citizens of the Bay Area & beyond through projects that explore links between classical & cutting-edge fine arts disciplines. |
P.O. Box 29277, San Francisco, CA 94129

Building: 101 - Studio: 2513
Phone: 415-563-5905
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