Ayanna U’Dongo

The Rebel. The Nubiant. The Warrior. The Healer.

These four spirit guides have directed my creative paths since my isolated and shy teen years. Threw the decades I evolved into a defyant, sensual, brave and compassionate being and video artist. These video works address inclusivity and respect for diversity, because iit is the unspoken truth that many races of people gave birth to my existence; African, European, Native American, Jewish, Mexican and Asian. These videos are digital chantings that celebrates and honors their enormous sacrifices and courage.

Each story is a woven tapestry that is provocative, edgy and re-imagined. Infused with
urban fantasy, spiritual conjurings, Neo-Futurisms, histories, symbolisms, folklore, myths and global realities. Musik, shadows, nature, silence, movement, language, vibrants colors, narration and sound design are some of the essential, creative palette tools.

The primary goal of these experimental narratives is to construct psychological sanctuaries for healing, forward motion and inspiration within African/American communities and the global family.

Sacred Koils, a story about rope-relations in African/American culture, is a work-in-progress with a 2020 release date.

Ayanna resides in San Francisco, however, the world is her real home.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2314
Phone: 415-885-9354
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