BJ Van Buren has come to painting late in life. A miraculous thing happened when she started an art class. To her great surprise, she found that she was immediately hooked and felt compelled to learn and practice every day.  In less than four years, BJ made painting her primary means of creative expression and the centerpiece of her life.

BJ loves flowers and organic forms and the sense of hope and joy that they represent. Her paintings are pleasing, highly realistic depictions of the beauty and sacredness in the world.BJ’s paintings are fresh and precise and grow increasingly more complex, large and masterful as she develops her craft. Working in acrylic allows her to use her keen eye for color and her evolving skills as a painter to explore the beauty of nature. Although she is a relatively new artist she is selling her paintings to a growing clientele.After being displaced due to Hurricane Katrina BJ relocated to San Francisco, which was originally her home.  She has since exhibited in several venues.  She instructs seniors as well as youths in artistic expression.

For BJ Van Buren, painting is an opportunity to live life to its fullest.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1315
Phone: 415-346-3272
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