Bob Armstrong

I paint the beauty and textural richness which I see around me: in beehives and honeycombs, in aged lacquer boxes, in the charred bark of tree trunks, and in aboriginal marks. The patterns and geometry of nature provide the structure for these paintings, and color is their lure.

Chicago, Early Spring (sold) – click for larger view

I have fallen in love with wood, and the carving that it invites. It is the inspiration for my carved paintings that explore the textural variety of nature. Through carving I can continue my investigation of nature’s formal structures, and through paint I can lure the eye with highly focused color harmonies ranging from subtle grays to vivid, saturated color. This work is influenced by Japanese art and by the California Arts and Crafts movement, with their shared insistence on grace and compositional beauty.

The poetic impulse is also crucial, and the poet Pablo Neruda offers a telling insight: “Blossom and water and wheat kernel share one precious consistency: the sumptuous appeal of the tactile.”
It is this common but endlessly varied tactility that inspires me in my artwork.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1211
Phone: 415-515-8815
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