Carolyn Crampton

Crampton by Lisa Markley

I LIKE TO PAINT FROM LIFE rather than from photos. A neighbor gave me two giant bags of stuffed animals during the pandemic. I’m not into toys. I am attracted to the calm yet strange nature of these odd characters. I use them to explore politics, current events and my feelings about childhood. To paint them, I switched back to oils. I’m not using solvents, so the application is like drawing; cross-hatching with a stiff brush. I start drawing with a brush, and adjust outlines as I go.

VISITORS OFTEN ASK, “What’s up with the rabbits?” My art professors ridiculed the idea of including a pet in a composition. But it’s traditional for artists to paint their family, wives and collectors…I just paint my roommates, which happen to be rabbits.

IN THE GALLERY below, I have included plein air landscapes. I have also done some outdoor landscape painting again recently. Ask me if I have painted in your area.

MY BOOKS are available to read in my studio: “Rabbit Language or ‘Are you going to eat that?’ “, a humorous gift guide to understanding pet rabbits, “Ladybird: My Eight Lives“, and “Dumbunny” an Easter Bunny story, written by Mary Ann Wolf. I create political cartoons and post them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These became a book, “Laugh About It: Cartoons for the Resistance” published in October 2019. Other book projects are in the works.

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Phone: 415-810-4546
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