Carolyn Crampton. Photo by Judy Reed.

Carolyn Crampton

I’m happily painting some stuffed animals that a neighbor gave me. I’m using oil paints for the first time in thirty years! I’m sort of scraping the paint onto the canvas. The colors look rich. I forgot that it will be six months before they are dry enough to varnish, so I won’t offer them for sale now.

I usually paint from life, but one ongoing series is a sci-fi fantasy world. I use animals in the paintings as witnesses. My pet rabbits sometimes model for me. I start directly on the canvas with a brush. I try to draw accurately and realistically, but I welcome distortions that seep in.

I draw and post political cartoons on social media. The first book of these was published in October 2019. I illustrated the books “Rabbit Language or ‘Are you going to eat that?’ ” a guide to understanding your pet rabbit, “Ladybird: My Eight Lives”, “Dumbunny” an Easter Bunny storybook by Mary Ann Wolf, and a book for a downtown hotel still to be published.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1223
Phone: 415-810-4546
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