Carolyn Crampton

Carolyn Crampton

ON MY STORE, I listed some paintings that I love, but don’t have room to show at Open Studio. If they are not displayed in the studio, I’ll show them to you if I can access them — or we can make an appointment — or I can bring them to see how they look in your space. Please tell me what you like in the online store. I deliver artwork in the bay area. For farther away, shipping costs will be added to the price; shipping is not included.

A NEIGHBOR gave me a box of stuffed animal toys. I switched back to traditional oil paints to render them. Painting these friendly toys seems so calm and reassuring. The colors of the oil paint appear so rich. They take months to dry enough to apply a varnish.

I PAINT from life, using animals in paintings as a witness to the scene. My pet rabbits are models. I start directly on the canvas with a brush, trying to draw accurately, but welcoming distortions. The larger, ‘Variant World’ series, is on exhibit at the Euphrat Museum at DeAnza College— back in December.

MY BOOKS are available to read or collect in my studio: “Rabbit Language or ‘Are you going to eat that?’ ” a guide to understanding your pet rabbit, “Ladybird: My Eight Lives“, and “Dumbunny” an Easter Bunny (by Mary Ann Wolf). I create political cartoons and post them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These became a book, “Laugh About It: Cartoons for the Resistance” published in October 2019.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1223
Phone: 415-810-4546
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