Charles Tuggle

I am interested in bringing into focus a particular space of time which most Americans have avoided. I suppose one could say the idea is not to tell a story or narrate history but rather by presenting fragments of history in visual form, ignite thoughts of history in the viewer’s mind at several levels, conscious and unconscious.

In this series of works made up of collage and painting I attempted dual explorations which serve one another.Without compromising their integrity as elements in plastic compositions, the collages and paint come together to form a form a complex reality lying beyond their frames. While functioning as integral elements of design they serve simultaneously as signs and symbols of a humanity which has struggled to survive the decimating and fragmentizing effects of American social process. Hopefully the methods arrived at were such as to allow me to express the tragic predicament of a people without violating my passionate dedication to art as a fundamental and transcendent agency for confronting and revealing the world.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1320
Phone: 510-725-8863
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