Elaine Michaud

About the Yosemite Granite Series

The practice of abstraction is intrinsic in how I see the world around me. Abstract painting is an attempt to convey my emotional response to this physical world—the beauty of colors, textures and shapes—and my place within it. 

I am awed by the magnificence of Yosemite National Park granite—what Kenneth Brower referred to as “dizzying verticalities of stone”—and the history of its creation millions of years ago. The promise of strength, durability, solidity, stillness, and longevity—all of this contributes to what is for me the magic of granite. My love of granite can be traced back to growing up in New England, where granite is ubiquitous but mostly hidden underground.

With Yosemite Granite series I seek to convey the rawness and surprising complexity of this unearthed rock. Through layering and juxtaposing charcoal, graphite, ink, pigment, and paint I search for its unique visual language. I focus on the characteristic textures, striations, and colors of the mineral crystals that form the granitic rock, and lichens and other elements that have left their marks over time.

My hope with this series is to evoke the abstract beauty, strength, and variety of this majestic landscape of stone.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2313

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