Elena Zolotnitsky

It’s been a long road, almost 45 years spent in front of an easel. A life long of doing and thinking: what do I want to share with my paintings? I think that at present my paintings remind me of sonnets (a poetic form of a specific structure for expressing courtly love) – conveying my admiration for life, art, beauty and enchantment in the form of a painting. I communicate my feelings and emotions in paint, its color and its plasticity. The way I am treating the surface – sometimes unsaid, sometimes undone – is an important part of each image. I try to make them as exciting and vibrant as I can in their seemingly repetitiveness. (How do you say “I love you” in so many ways?) I treat every painting as a challenge, tuned for that single true bright note on which I can start building the magic. It allows my sense of time and personal identity to dissolve into another dimension.

An article in “Palo Alto Online” by Sheryl Nonnenberg features my solo show at Bryant Street Gallery November 1 – December 23.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2410
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