Rick Bulan (Golden Gate Furniture Co.)

Limited Edition Artisan Furniture, Décor Accessories, and Gifts Handcrafted from Historic American Steel off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

One afternoon in 1994, a San Francisco television station did a news story on the fate of the Golden Gate Bridge steel that was removed during the handrail replacement in 1993. Rick Bulan, who was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area, thought it would be great to have a headboard made from the historic steel. Through perseverance, he managed to track down the name of the contractor and get a section of the approximately 12-foot long, 1000 pound handrail to his home. He then spent over a month cutting and grinding down the section of handrail, until he had not only crafted one headboard, but also three more just like it. When friends began expressing interest in purchasing the headboards, Rick realized others shared his passion, and the Golden Gate Furniture Co. was born.

From the Bridge’s original 1930’s handrail, Rick Bulan has created a line of unique collector’s edition artisan furniture, décor accessories, and gift items that capture the historic spirit and style of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. His work involves the cutting and welding of steel, using plasma cutters and cold steel blades, along with the finer finishing of the furniture designs. This involves grinding and painting, while preserving the distinct patina and weathering of the steel from 56 years of exposure to the wind and salt air of the Golden Gate. His designs allow you the opportunity to make this breathtaking monument a part of your home or office in both a functional and artistic way.

To learn more about Rick and how he creates his designs from Golden Gate Bridge steel, visit our YouTube Channel for behind-the-scenes videos:


Building: Islais Creek - Studio: 403
Phone: 415-661-6263
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