Hailey Lindsay

My name is Hailey Lindsay. I am 25 years old and have been residing in San Francisco for 7 years. I joined the Shipyard Artist community in December 2021, and am actively pursuing a growing career in the art world.

I’m an abstract artist specializing in the impasto style. My main medium is acrylic, however I do produce a lot of mixed-media. I mostly paint faces and bodies, but also branch off into other abstract techniques. The common themes of all my works are color and texture.

I’m constantly inspired by the world around me, and use this inspiration to express emotion in my work. I love abstract art because it can mean anything the audience wants it to mean, while simultaneously revealing the message of the creator. As they say, “Life imitates art,”; Texture brings my art to life, and color is a beautiful representation of expression and vitality. I love to practice sustainability by reusing old paint, as well as any other second-hand materials/canvases that add character to my pieces.

Building: 117 - Studio: 3215
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