I create artwork that at times balances between abstraction and representation.  Obscuring the boundary of what can be seen and understood and what can not.  Newspapers have provided the source material for recent bodies of work at a time where the notion of truth has fallen into disrepair and disregard.  Representation itself can be manipulated, big data harnessed to tilt the narrative according to ones personal ideology and beliefs.  In the work, headlines and copy, obscured by lack of focus and manual redaction, further call into question if what we see is to be believed.  All the while retaining the original layout and form ubiquitous to journals of truth and moderation from a now bygone era.

In the Pandemic Postcard series, newspaper clippings from the early days of the pandemic are arranged in layers resulting in an overlay of misery and statistics, normalcy and alarm. Juxtapositions and statistics tell odd narratives that somehow reflect both the enormity of the situation we found ourselves in and the individual humanity that rose to the surface.

Other work begins with equally humble material.  Raw sheep’s wool is sculpted into puffy white cloud forms and hover on spare dark backgrounds.  Eerily isolating individual forms as if ready for further study under a microscope.  Tissue paper is reformed into mobile-like hanging shapes and forms in one series while cardboard, alfalfa and SOS pads become the subject in others.  In Coal Drawings, pebbles of anthracite coal are spread and mounded as intimate monochromatic works- drawing like and contained in semi-ordered groupings.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2216
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