Jane Woolverton

My fiber sculptures are made from recycled plastic six-pack holders. After finding a bag of them in my studio, I decided to either make something with them or get rid of them. I began experimenting and It was an exciting time.After painting each holder, I tied them together and hung them up on a rod. This piece was in black and white and the shadows created against the white wall were wonderful and fascinating. Next I used colors, tying the holders together and making two or three different and separate panels. When hung on rods against a white wall this created a different feeling as the colors fused together.

My next step was to take unpainted plastic holders and tie them together with colored mono-filament which created a different look, more atmospheric. This was my intention.

In all my art pieces using recycled plastic holders I have endeavored to create a transformation, allowing the material properties to evolve into a different understanding.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1402/1408
Phone: 415-285-7443
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