Janet Bartlett Goodman

The power of imagery to evoke emotions and create memories has always fascinated me. I am intrigued with the history of a place and the idea that that history has a felt presence. I use color, line, and depth to create a lyrical aesthetic. Each piece preserves a single moment in time but the moment contains all the depth, memory and mystery of its past.

My background is product design so, for me, materials and processes are very important. I love working in encaustic and I love the challenges that come from working in this very ancient technique. Encaustic is a mixture of beeswax, demar resin, and pigment which is heated and applied to a substrate than reheated and each layer is fused to the one below. Once fused you get a very rich, deep, luminous surface.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1514
Phone: 510-676-3657
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