‘I’m not satisfied with a painting or willing to call it finished until all four major elements – line, color, mass, and unity of composition – are equally strong and working together harmoniously.’ – Jeff Katz

I was born in Hartford in 1946, went to Weaver High School and then on to Middlebury College in Vermont. As stated on my website, my former father-in-law began mentoring me when I was twenty-four, at which time I first held a paint brush in my hand since early childhood. Dave Shubow, God bless him, was a master-artist climbing on scaffolding in his mid-eighties to work on large, nonrepresentational abstracts. He had a deceptively simple but effective teaching method: destroy in order to create. That was his mantram. Eliminate something that prevented the eye from moving freely, continuously seeking out new interest, and the result is the harmonious flow of energy, and with it the unity of composition that is the heart of any artistic creation. I learned much from him over the years, and every piece of his wisdom in some way touched every piece of my art.Looking back, I have no regrets for having had several different careers for which I was unsuited, because I was blessed to discover abstract painting, jazz piano, and poetry-writing — each in a different decade — that served as compensation for the lack of right livelihood and brought me some amazing peak experiences along the way.

Building: Islais Creek - Studio: 304
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