Jessica Kung 龔捷西 (gong jie xi) is an Asian American cross-disciplinary artist, designer, and writer. She is the founder of Make Conscious.

Her creative practice is a contemporary expression of the Ancient Chinese view of Landscape 山水 (shan shui) as a form of consciousness that finds expression in art, architecture, and poetry. Over the past 20 years her work has evolved from drawing and map-making into performance and installation in the realm of social practice and institutional transformation.

Her focused gaze and the powerful containers that her work creates are influenced by her multi-cultural methodology for transformation, her deep-seated belief in the resilience of humanity, and her decades long Buddhist training. She completed a 450 day silent meditation retreat from 2010-2012 with her partner Stéphane Dreyfus and has been teaching consciousness and creativity for over 15 years.

Building: 116 - Studio: 7B

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