Every few years it seems, I need to reinvent myself as an artist. I became aware of the printmaking style known as monotype many years ago, but I was mostly painting then and my interest wasn’t ignited. I later took a class in Monotype/Monoprint work at the Anderson Ranch in Colorado and my enthusiasm was lit! I learned a lot of technique, materials and design approaches that summer. But, I returned to San Francisco and resumed painting and drawing. Eventually, I found local teachers and even returned to Colorado one more time for more exploration. My interest grew so that I found a small press to rent, and then, this summer, I acquired my own full-sized press. My work has evolved again, and now I print primarily to make “materials” to cut and re-assemble. Sometimes “weaving” strips of printed paper together in regular shapes, sometimes creating more free form shapes using the full 30″ length of the pieces I print. I am reveling in the options to create new and unique images!

Building: 101 - Studio: 1206
Phone: 415-269-2591
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