Emotional moments are my inspiration.   I like to think of my work as intriguing and a bit mysterious, evoking curiosity and inviting the viewer to enter the experience of the painting. I’m drawn to narrative, using my work to suggest a story, capturing moments of personal connection in time. I call these pieces intimate landscapes. What can move me might be an expression on a little boy’s face, the light and shadows of a storm, or a beautiful sunrise. Each is a moment of intimacy. In the process of painting I recreate the story with my own interpretation. As the work is illuminated by the light spilling across the canvas, the interplay of color, light and shadow, contrast and from, it creates the mood of a fleeting moment. If I can convey to the viewer how I felt during that time then I have shared a bit of this joy.

To purchase any of my paintings, please contact me at my email address or by phone. Please note that San Francisco sales tax of 8.625% will be added to all purchases.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2213
Phone: 415-550-8805
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