Emotional moments are my inspiration.  It can be the look on a face I see on a bus or the light and shadows of a storm.  My work is not limited to any particular subject matter.  I paint a wide variety of subjects which keeps me challenged and interested.  

In my figurative work I’m drawn to narrative and to using my work to suggest a story.  I call these pieces intimate landscapes.  Their story opens the imagination.  I recreate the scene with my own interpretation.  Often something is illuminated by light spilling across the canvas.  The interplay of color, light and form creates the mood.

In all my work, regardless of subject matter, light and shadow contrasting with each other attract me.  They also evoke emotion and drama and capture moments in time.  If I can convey to the viewer how I felt during that time, then I have shared a bit of this joy.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2213
Phone: 415-550-8805
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