It's a Girl!! Installation from Kay Kang

I believe art is a powerful universal language that has the ability to convey concepts and emotions that people from any culture or background can “read” and interpret based on their own perspectives and experiences.

The inspiration for my art comes from patterns found in century-old Korean Buncheong ceramics, silk fabrics, and the Korean alphabet. For me, these patterns convey timeless narratives that remain relevant even in modern day America. The range of patterns found across these various media provides me with raw material that I transform into my own language through my work. Painting and “writing” become one in the same. And through my painting I communicate what I hope is a powerful, yet soothing, and universal series of messages for my audience.

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Building: 101 - Studio: 2201
Phone: 415-215-0855
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Artist Bio


  • M.A., Printmaking, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 
  • Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea, B.S., Audio Visual Education



Selected Exhibitions  

  • 2019    The K Gallery, Oakland , Ca, "Diaspora Voiced", group
  • 2019    California State Building, San Francisco, Ca, "East on West, group
  • 2017    Mills College art Museum, "In-Between Places", group
  • 2015    San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artist gallery, Three person exhibit
  • 2014    Luxun Academy of Arts, Shenyang, China, ”Half the Sky-Social Practice"
  • 2013    Somarts gallery, San Francisco, “Under Currents & the Quest for Space
  • 2012    Los Gatos Museum, Los Gatos California, “It’s Personal”, group
  • 2012    Fort Mason Pavilion, San Francisco, California, Arts of Pacific Asia Show
  • 2011-2012 Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, Seven contemporary Korean Artists, in conjunction with “Poetry in Clay”,       Collection from Leeum, Samsung Museum in Seoul, Korea
  • 2011    SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, Ca “A Place of Her Own”, Group
  • 2010    San Francisco State University Alumni Hall Gallery, San Francisco, Ca “Conversation with My Father”, Solo Exhibit, Aug. 20-Dec.2010
  • 2010    University of Pacific, Stockton, CA, Solo, Opening in March
  • 2009    SomArts gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Control”, Group
  • 2008    Stanford Art Space, Stanford University, CA, Group 
  • 2008    Hays Market Gallery, “Ancient city”, San Francisco, CA, Group 
  • 2007    Humboldt State University, Reese Bullen Gallery, Arcata, CA, Solo
  •  2007   Chinese Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA      
  • 2006    Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, CA, “Drawn”, Group    
  • 2005    Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, Group     
  • 2005    Pigman Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Solo      
  • 2004    d.p. Fong Gallery, San Jose, CA, Group    
  • 2004    SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, CA, (S)kinship: African American &Asian American Women Connections, Group     
  • 2003    SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Waiting Room”  An Installation, Solo                                             
  • 2002    Oakland, CA, “Bay Area, Currents 2002”, Group     
  • 2002    Bedford gallery, Walnut Creek,  CA ”Shikishi”, Group     
  • 2002    San Francisco Arts Commission China Town Community Gallery, CA
  •  2001   Works Gallery, San Jose, CA, “Book Nooks Solw”, Group
  • 1999    Euphrat Museum, De Anza College, Cupertino, CA, “Passing”, Group
  • 1999    Creative Arts Center, Sunnyvale, CA, “Artist’s Book and Sketchbook”, Group
  •  1999    Korean American Museum in Los Angeles, CA, “Storefront Live-Site
                 Specific Installation”, Solo exhibition     
  • 1999    SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, CA, “Asian American Women Artists”,  
  • 1998    Art Core Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, “Igniting the Edge, Gorging New
                Geographies, Categories, and Identities”, “Women’s Caucus for Arts”, Group  
  • 1998    Pro Arts, Oakland, CA, “New Arts”, solo exhibition
  • 1997    San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, San Francisco, CA,   
                Three person exhibit
  • 1997    Broward Community College, Pembroke Pines, FL, “Jachui: Vestiges”, Solo
  • 1996    SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, CA,  “The Day of the Dead”, Group exhibit
  • 1996    Women’s Caucus for Arts, Group Exhibition, San Antonio, TX, Group    
  • 1995    Kyung In Museum, Seoul, Korea, “Korean Artist’s Abroad”, Group
  • 1994    San Francisco State University, CA, Solo
    Teaching / Lectures
  • 2012          Panelist –College Arts Association, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2009          Panelist – College Arts Association, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2002          Panelist – A Transpacific Artists’ Dialogue – U.S. Women Artists and 
                      Mongolian Women Artists, SomArts Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • 2000          Artist Residency in Frans Maseereel Centrum, Belgium
  • 1997-98     Instructor at City College of San Francisco, CA, Continuing Education
  • 1996          Slide Lecturer, Broward Community College, Pembroke Pines, FL
  • 1995          Slide Lecturer, San Jose City College, San Jose, CA
  • 1992-95     Instructor, San Francisco Korean Arts Center, San Francisco, CA


  • Virginia Pelley, San Francisco Examiner, August, 2009
  • Humboldt State University, Arcata times Eureka, December, 2007
  • Robert Taylor, Oakland Tribune, December, 2006          
  • Amy Reiko Sadao, Black Flash, Canadian Journal, Summer, 2001   
  • Reena Jana Asian Art News, May/June issue, 1997
  • Un Kyung Lee, The women’s News, December, 1995

Public Collections  

  • Camino Medical Group, Mountain View, CA
  • Minyard and Morris LLP, New Port Beach, CA
  • Oracle, Redwood City, CA
  • SAP of America, Electronics, Germany, Foster City, CA
  • Music West Records Company, San Rafael, CA

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