I use oil, pieces of magazines, oil sticks, charcoal, pencils, ink pens and brushes to draw, notate on paper, wood or canvas in sessions. There’s a balancing between creating a representational space versus a more open-ended abstraction from my work. There’s a sweet spot I’m looking for. I must admit to many voices of painters who inform me. Van Gogh’s energetic line in his small trees drawings, Richard Diebenkorn using side lighting to create his geometric shapes, Lovis Corinth’s barely recognizable space or Alice Neel’s surprising color choices on faces and bodies. There’s something about what these and other painters say with their brush that gets me up in the morning.
I ‘m impelled to draw, to paint, to add to this stirring conversation of the many artists/painters.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2306
Phone: 415-793-6273
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