Leslie Lowinger

Dear visitors to my page, I’ve placed two different series on this site. First a group of folding screens, some painted and some made of printed etchings. A second group of art works is called “Objects to Reduce Anxiety”. These are also, both printed and painted.

About  the decorative screens

Particular places have been a starting point for my work over the years, both as subject matter and as a source of ideas.  These screens create a bridge between my love of decorative art (I studied textiles in school) and my continuing interest in the places that surround me.

About the series :Objects to Reduce Anxiety

These pieces were created to help the viewer feel more powerful, more in control. Who can say how much we could accomplish if we could just calm down?

Also, I have a page with prices on my personal website: Store – Leslie Lowinger Email me with questions about anything : leslow@hotmail.com.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1217
Phone: 415-664-5670
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