Please feel free to contact me if you wish to have a private studio visit.

If you see images of any work here in which you are interested and would like more information, please contact me and ask me about it. I may have other paintings or drawings with similar imagery, or in a different scale that I can show you.

I will be teaching Figure Drawing classes in person at the historic Miraloma Park Clubhouse. To register or find out more about these classes, please contact me directly at 415-334-3603 or email me at the address to the right. Please feel free to contact me at one of the phone numbers to the right for more information about ongoing classes or workshops that I am currently teaching privately, or through City College of San Francisco Extension.

About my Paintings

My paintings are visual and metaphorical manifestations of my spiritual concerns and resultant internal personal vision. In the most successful of instances, the works become embodiments of or allusions to the spiritual. Images that tend to recur are circles or rings and wheels; spheres or balls; and allusions to the horizon with references to substance and shadow.

I hope viewers will recognize something familiar when looking at the paintings and that that elusive familiarity will occur without the struggle of intellectual mediation. I hope that any feelings engendered in looking at my art will be similar to the feelings that gave impetus to its creation.

I believe my paintings have a presence, not just a place; that they are alive, having become embodiments of the transfer of creative energy through intention and touch.

My work is included in both private and public collections including AT&T, California Lawyers for the Arts, Embarcadero Center, Xerox Corporation, ABC/KGO Television and the United States Department of State, Washington DC.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1102
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