Linda MacDonald

The western landscape inspires me. I walk in the woods and forests to enjoy the stately beauty of the flora and fauna, redwoods and firs and all else. These walks are to listen, see, enjoy and record what is unique, beautiful, disturbing and outstanding. Immediately I can see the ravages of fire, drought, logging but also, rejuvenation.

I photograph, sketch and paint. Redwood duff, designs and patterns in the tree bark, meandering trails of invertebrates, unusual forms within the canopy, and odd flora, give me time and space to ponder and record. The redwoods (semper virens and gigantica), are my special concern. They are so unique and are the symbols of California. They tell stories of the history of logging, development of efforts to save them, and current resiliency to climate change. From my visits and discoveries, I create watercolors and paintings in oil.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2507
Phone: 707 354-5684
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