Linda Saytes is a self taught artist. She originally created mixed media collages and expressionistic pastel florals which are bold in color and design, incorporating pastel and paint in the tradition of Mary Cassatt. Her most recent paintings are seascapes, created by a combination of oils and acrylic washes. The washes give paintings an ethereal effect that the artist likes to achieve in her work. Her seascapes are inspired by the beauty of the Northern California and Cape Cod seacoasts.

A longtime resident of San Francisco, Linda’s artistic intent is to capture the diverse beauty and serenity of sea and sky; the beauty of the fog as it rolls into San Francisco, the solitude of boats anchored along the many beaches of both the Golden State and the Cape. Her florals are inspired by walks in Golden Gate Park. Intrinsic to her work is her experience that life is both beautiful and stressful. Within the stresses and rigors of everyday life, one needs a respite, a place of peace. Linda strives to provide that serenity in her paintings.

Linda is a member of the Artists Guild of San Francisco. Linda was born in New York State and is a long time resident of San Francisco. She visits Cape Cod throughout the year – as often as she can.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2207 (guest)
Phone: 415-828-8336
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