Marc Ellen Hamel

Painting, printmaking, collage, drawing, each is an exploratory process. I create from an intuitive response to the materials and the stream of consciousness that goes along with the physical movement of my hand, paint, and eye. Themes surface from personal preoccupations; it might be nature, the urban environment, a suddenly recalled emotion, a distinct memory, a beloved poem, a vase shape. I get linear planning out of the way by following loose brushstrokes so that intuition colors and mark-making can be my guides. The visions and issues that are imprinted on my mind than can be bought into the physical world on a canvas. While abstract painting expresses my inner world, it also offers the viewer an open-ended invitation to have their own personal experience with the work.

My most recent series of paintings, “California Roaming,” (many are below) were inspired by reflecting on experiences and views I had while spending time in nature.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2507
Phone: 415-202-4315
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