Marc Ellen Hamel


MY PROCESS: Painting, printmaking, collage, drawing, all artistic creativity is an exploratory process. My artwork is created out of an intuitive response to the materials, my stream of consciousness, and the inner leaps my mind makes. Themes surface from personal preoccupations; it might be nature, the urban environment, a vase shape, an emotion, a memory, or something someone said. Emotion is always part of the work, I attempt to get linear planning out of the way and let intuition and my basic love of color be the guide. I reflect the visions and issues that are imprinted on my mind, so I can bring them into the physical world. With my work being abstract, I offer the viewer an open-ended invitation to have their own personal experience with the work.

As a painter, I follow the looseness of colored brushstrokes and the winding path I can travel using them, until I find a personal place or theme.  With the monotype process, I focus on the arrangement of sharper shapes and themes and a more light-hearted quickness of decisions and results when working on a print. Collage is again highly open-ended;  I enjoy the scritchy sound of the scissors and a bravura feeling of cutting up papers I have printed, and the surprise of juxtaposing clear-cut colors and shapes to see what composition I can make.

MY STUDIO: Having a studio at the Shipyard has been fundamental to my art life since 1993. I am grateful to Jacques Terzian for having started this art community and to Shipyard Trust for the Arts for keeping it here, and to all the artists at the Shipyard for inspiring me.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2507
Phone: 415-202-4315
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