​I am a Catalan female from Barcelona, artist and fashion designer based in San Francisco, CA.

I find interesting: the ordinary, empty spaces, shadows, shy art and artisanal objects.

My artwork is an extension of my existence, and I communicate with techniques that I have learned by just doing them.

Collages, pen illustrations, oil paintings and assemblages define my style.

I use my skills to create visual ideas that express and move feelings, or maybe not.



Building: 101 - Studio: 2105
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Artist Bio

Born in Catalonia in 1987.

The first memory I have about art was when I was 5 years old.

My mom used to paint in the attic. I secretly used to sneak up there, because there were stored toys and interesting stuff to play with.

Several times my mom left unfinished oil paintings to dry out on a table. Seeing her moving those beautiful long brushes up and down and dipping them in shiny paint looked so appetizing. Intending to help her, I painted over it, making nothing good. I have no doubt that she noticed – yet she never said anything. 

I remember one of her paintings was about a basket full of oranges, and another one about a romantic harlequin with a flower. Both paintings had dreamy aesthetics with soft feathering colors.

I moved to San Francisco in 2011.

I am intrinsically attached to my motherland, Catalonia. The Mediterranean air I breathe there means "force, life, nostalgia". Oddly, I always felt that to be wholly in touch with my roots and my own existence, I had to leave. 

I arrived in the US with a Design and Fine Arts background academically and professionally, having worked as a designer at several relevant fashion brands in Spain. I decided to study an MFA in Fashion Merchandising in San Francisco, and pursue a professional career in the US following my Master’s Degree.

Fast Forward several years after I graduated, worked for different Fashion companies in San Francisco. I felt uninspired, like a deep thin knife in my chest.

2020 was dedicated to find and start Marina Solé. I needed to again be that girl that genuinely painted over my mom's paint, to find my voice and my roots, through creating artwork, to feel who I really am.

Now, I am a full-time artist, creating art dialogs between oil paintings and collages made from antique papers. During this time, I have embraced being part of Artspan's community, and I’ve had the privilege to be featured several times on Artspan’s social media and open studios 2020.

Recently moved to bigger studio space located at the Artist community Hunter's Point Shipyard, San Francisco. Over 2020 my workspace was in my own home which I live with my super husband and my two rat pets in Outer Mission, San Francisco. I found home in my home.


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