Martín Revolo

Self-assertion and an expression of principle with the connections between his art and early life, for artist Martín Revolo, the inner necessity is still the basis and source of nourishment for his art.

Martín resides in all of his work; Though each viewer may take a different meaning from his imagery, all have experienced a part of the narrative that is the artist himself.  It is not the aesthetics of the image that define his style, but rather the ability to unmask the “personal mythologies” of both the artist and the viewer; Such narratives can be intimate, ironic, or detached, but they are always
thoughtfully incorporated into his work.

…My work travels through an experimental release of spontaneous energy as I consider this experience to be my art. The physical object is the result at the end of the journey. This experimentation leads to new technical and conceptual processes as I am always pushing the boundaries of traditional painting, photography and printmaking. In my attempt to tell a story I create imagery that is both real and surreal, laced in fantasy. The story continues to grow as I rely on my conscious and subconscious to create and transfer those thoughts to an image, it is from that process that I find myself to be most present in me.

Building: 115 - Studio: D
Phone: 415-758-3686
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