Michelle Mongan

I am a figurative printmaker and painter. My art is created at studios located in San Francisco, California and Cienfuegos, Cuba and is often based on drawings from live studio models.

Printmaking (monotypes, linocuts, woodcuts and collagraphs) and paintings (oil and acrylic) provide opportunities to revisit, reimagine and reinvent life drawings into new settings, contexts and meanings.

Figures and portraits often have missing parts, limbs, or features representing my own incompleteness. Distortions demonstrate the beauty in imperfections. Exaggerations exemplify the struggle for truth. Puzzles and pieces express connection/disconnection, interconnection, fitting in, belonging and being a small piece of the enormity. Female figures frequently personify Mother Earth/Mother Nature and her climate in crisis.

In late 2020, I began a body of work celebrating, honoring and memorializing the life of the 325-year-old Boundary Oak Tree that was tragically destroyed in an intense windstorm. I’ve created a series of woodblock prints, woodblock monoprints, handmade paper, and mixed media pieces in this ongoing series.

Building: 116 - Studio: 4
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