For the last four decades, Mirang Wonne has used unexpected mediums to create natural forms. She uses primarily industrial materials that amplify the organic intensity of those forms, and emphasize their unique physical and optical aspects. Her work, in the words of Peter Frank, “force[s] us to marvel not just at what she’s done, but to marvel at nature itself- the nature not only of organic forms such as Wonne renders, but of inorganic substances such as she manipulates in her rendering.” In her recent screen work, Wonne “draws” on fine stainless steel mesh with a blowtorch. By transforming a material more associated with industry than with art, Wonne’s work becomes unexpectedly subtle and intimate, with the visual allure of gemstones and the transcendent forms of nature.

In 2015, Mirang finished a commissioned work for Stanford Cancer Center South Bay that included a large freestanding stainless steel mesh installation piece, “California Light,” 15 feet high and 12 feet wide for the lobby. In her recent work, Wonne has added genuine gold leaf to her torched mesh pieces. By incorporating these traditional gold leaf techniques to her contemporary work, Wonne is able to create art that is at once modern and ancient.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1410
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