I am an artist who was born in Key West, and then moved to Grand Bahama Island with my family. My early childhood was spent on or near the ocean, and later the Great Lakes. I feel this has informed my deep desire to be near the water, always aware of the changing light and winds that cause the colors and textures to change from one moment to the next.

More broadly, I am intrigued by the natural world. My painting is a reflection of my ongoing exploration of the wonder of the universe and my behavior and experience in relation to it. For me, the laws of the spirit include stewardship and respect for nature. 

I moved to San Francisco in 1976 to finish my MFA, drawn by the Pacific Coast environment and the spirit of creativity. I have worked at my studio at The San Francisco Shipyard painting, welding, and sculpting since 1999.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1312
Phone: 415-385-2446

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