Peter Boyer was born in New York in 1948, moving to the West Coast with his family in 1960. He studied art in California and Oregon, receiving his BA from San Francisco State University in 1977. He also studied architecture at The Southern California Institute of Architecture. Boyer operated a small design/build business in the 1970’s, which acquainted him with the materials and techniques of building construction. Much of this knowledge has been applied to the process he follows in creating his mixed media works.

Boyer’s art deals with physical and material elements. He builds paintings by successive applications and deletions of various materials: canvas, muslin, linen, paint, gesso, charcoal and graphite. His is a process of working and reworking the surface by tearing off and reapplying his materials until the work attains what he has described as “presence”.

His works indeed exude presence: they are elegant and serene, reflecting his interests in Asian and Japanese aesthetic form as well as his affinity for architecture and building-related materials. They appeal to us for their subtle modulation of colors, richly varied textures and bold calligraphic strokes, coalescing to bring to mind a calming vision of landscape.In addition to the mixed media canvases, Boyer has made a series of small wall hangings constructed of concrete, graphite, wire, wax and board, resulting in insistently material objects without automatic associations to “fine art”. With Boyer’s handling, these panels assume the same presence inherent in his larger works.

Boyer maintains a studio at the Hunter’s Point Shipyard Complex in San Francisco. His work is included in numerous private, corporate and public collections. He has exhibited extensively around the country and in Japan.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2506
Phone: 415-822-1432
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