Surface Treatments & Custom Environments for Your Dwellings & Public Spaces

Piper Rovin’s new company StrataSculpt is a revolution in surface textures that transcends conventional and expected offerings in architecture and home decor. The company is a culmination of her years’ of experience and a constant discovery of exciting new materials and techniques. Our mission is to offer unique textured surfaces and structural builds inspired by natural environments for residential and commercial spaces at the highest aesthetic level. The feeling is modern with a deep appreciation of the elements.

Inspired by environments created by architects and designers from around the world who build structures around existing rock formations – and others who integrate milled sections of earth into their designs – StrataSculpt is heavily influenced by the Wabi-sabi movement and bold individualists such as Axel Vervoordt, Takashi Sugimoto/Super Potato and Sergey Makhno Architects.

StrataSculpt has also pushed the envelope to create a vast array of familiar and unusual textures inspired by nature and our man-made world. We boast a comprehensive surface library of treatments that are available to view, rent or commission for your next design project.

Our clients aren’t afraid of the elements, they blur boundaries between interior and exterior. They want to create sanctuaries in and around their homes from which they can stargaze surrounded by boulders. They want to hang modern art on a 900-year-old wall. And if they don’t have access to such elements, StrataSculpt can make them…

StrataSculpt follows strict leading structural substrate technology standards for lasting permanence over any surface interior and exterior. The feel is familiar like stone, the material is strong and from the earth. We welcome any custom treatment request. There is no surface we can’t recreate at StrataSculpt.

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Phone: 415-407-5777
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