Stacey M. Carter

My artwork is grounded in the history of the Hunters Point Shipyard, where my studio is located. Simple curiosity about the original use of abandoned shipyard structures depicted in my work led me to conduct extensive independent research on the shipyard’s historic past. For over 20 years I have created art informed by this historical material that when presented together creates a more powerful message and engages a larger audience to listen and learn. This approach demonstrates the power of art to make us see what has been purposely made invisible.

The history of the former Naval shipyard is a multifaceted story that that many have forgotten after decades of concerted historical erasure by the U.S. military. The environmental cleanup and redevelopment processes over recent decades have been more salient problems in the media and in the public’s eye. I believe the shipyard’s histories are important to share with all audiences so they understand and respect the military, industrial and scientific activities conducted there to better inform their future as the site continues to be inhabited.

My artistic and historical explorations of the shipyard serve as a testament to the importance of preserving its legacy and using it as a tool for education and inform for a better future shipyard – one that cherishes its structural landmarks and retains them as monuments to its past. This history must be embraced, recognized and exposed publicly so that no one forgets what happened here, and how understanding it can improve our future. In essence, my work seeks to transform what was once considered a “dark” chapter in history into a precious valuable resource that can benefit present and future communities.

Building: 101 - Studio: 1111
Phone: 415-608-9136
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