Stephanie Rossi

As an artist, my journey began with a latent creative impulse that blossomed into a dedicated pursuit in 1996. While my formal education includes attending classes and workshops in prominent artistic hubs like New York, San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles, much of my artistic development has been self-taught. My work revolves around the familiar sights and scenes of everyday life in San Francisco. I believe there’s profound beauty in the mundane, and it’s this connection that inspires my work.

In my artistic practice, I manipulate perspective, angles, and scale to reimagine the ordinary, infusing it with fresh vitality. Light and color are my tools for crafting mood and energy, breathing life into my paintings. Over the years, I’ve primarily worked with watercolor, acrylic, ink, and gouache. However, my recent focus has shifted towards encaustic painting.

Encaustic painting, an ancient technique employing beeswax and pigment, has captivated my artistic sensibilities. By heating the wax until it reaches a molten state, I paint it onto sturdy surfaces like wood panels. The resulting translucency and vibrant colors imbue my pieces with a unique luminosity. Despite its ancient origins, encaustic painting boasts durability, reinforced by the inclusion of damar resin as a hardening agent. This centuries-old method allows me to explore both traditional themes and innovative sculptural possibilities within the wax medium.

My encaustic pieces build upon the thematic foundations laid by my watercolors and acrylics. Yet, they also represent an exciting divergence, inviting viewers to experience familiar subjects through a new lens. With each brushstroke, I endeavor to evoke the ineffable essence of San Francisco’s everyday wonders, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery and reinterpretation.

Building: 101 - Studio: 2207
Phone: 415-547-0551
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