Victor Navarrete

The work of the Cuban artist of Spanish origin naturally carries the cultural heritage of the Island – the omnipresent rhythm in songs of sadness or glory, in dances of happiness or frenzy. In Víctor’s artwork, the self is always present. The self of a person who knows he is free. Knows about the mutation of his own body.

Having this knowledge, he fights against all kind of oppression: against the delirious tyrant who thought he owned the people’s destiny, against physical pain and the pain of the heart, against the pain of longing of those who know they don’t belong anymore…

He doesn’t belong because he is himself: he is one. One who imagines and creates another world.

A world in which poets and singers, philosophers and troubadours, musicians and writers and other beings, eternalized in photographs or sculptures, live and breathe together with the beings created by the artist. Amorphous, fantastic, magical and surreal beings that will always, inevitably, bring a smile to our faces.

Building: 115 - Studio: D
Phone: 415-758-3686
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