Wendy Robushi

Meditations & Mandalas – Artist’s Statement

The obsession of repetition lies at the root of what I do. Using hand cut paper, I create mandala images that are simple in their execution, yet visually complex. A two-dimensional artwork with three-dimensional characteristics, viewing each artwork from a different angle gives a new perspective on each piece’s depth and texture. With words, symbols, simple shapes, colors, and sometimes pure white, by their labor intensive nature, they are meditations in the creation, and meditative in the viewing. Each dot of the piece is hand painted to create the image desired. The paper is archival 100% cotton, and after completion, each piece is hand coated with acrylic medium to preserve the artwork’s integrity. Working in this circular, spiral, and repetitive manner, the creation has as much importance as the finished work.

Midnight Constellation
Building: 101 - Studio: 2219
Phone: 415-652-0757
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