Alan Mazzetti “Further Fields” Acrylic, 2022, 12″ x 9″

Lynn Rubenzer “18th & Dolores” Archival Print, Hahnemuhle PhotoRag Matte, 2022, 9″ x 20″ (framed)

Rhonel Roberts “Jazz Remains – TSF Jazz poster” Print, 2021, 24″ x 36″

Randy Beckelheimer “Innes Ave” Oil on Canvas, 2010, 36″ x 48″

Marina Solé “Art is like Champagne” Ink on Paper, 2022, 16″ x 13″ (framed)

Margie Burke “His Dream” Etching, 2010, 16″ x 20″

Lorna Kollmeyer “Art Deco Theater Goddess”

Linda Larson “Dancing in the Dusk”

Kathryn Kain “OverGrowth” Oil on Canvas, 2019, 30″ x 24″

Jean Ebbe “Islander” Acrylic on Canvas, 2000, 16″ x 20″

Jean Ebbe “Amadia” Acrylic on Canvas, 12″ x 12″

Jeff Long “Mosaic series” Oil on Panel, 2016, 20″ x 16″

Jean Ebbe “Blue Jeans” Acrylic on Canvas, 2000, 12″ x 16″

Hasseem Abdallah “Eye Wood If I Could” Reclaimed Wood (pine) and Ceramic eyeballs, 2020, 33″h x 12″w x 1.5″

Stacey Carter “Bldg 236, Salt Water Pumphouse, Hunters Point Shipyard, Built 1943″ Ink, pigment and acrylic on wood panel, 2015, 8″ x 10”

Carrie Ann Plank “Soup” Encaustic, 2005, 14.5” x 15.5” x 3”

Talavera Ballon “El Ultimito”

Ann Phelan “Synapse” Archival print signed edition, II/LXIII, 2021, 9″ x 12″ , 11″ x 14″ (framed)

Alan Mazzetti “City Shadows” Acrylic, 2021, 12″ x 24″

Aisjah Hopkins “Intoxicating” Oil on Canvas, 2000, 20″ x 20″

Stanley Goldstein “Pacific Heights” Oil on Canvas, 12″ x 9″

Carmen Lomas Garza “Earache” Digital print on cotton paper, limited Edition #21/180 prints, 2007, 21″ x 18″

Rob Cox “October Sidewalk Rain” 16″ x 16″

Estelle Akamine “Lilac” Mixed media textiles, 2017, 20″ x 24″ x 1″

Paul Gibson “Zefurs” Print, 2022, 24″ x 36″

Stephen Namara “Untitled” Oil on Canvas, 2021, 12″ x 16″

Jonathan Vohr “In the Cut” Oil and Enamel, 2020, 9″ x 14″

Janet Bartlett Goodman “Venice 1″ Encaustic mixed media, 2020, 24″ x 24”

Robin Denevan “Blue Mangrove” Encaustic, 2022, 21″ x 21″

Pernilla Persson “Untitled” Photography, 2014, Framed 12″ x 9.5″

James Gorman “Jungle Water Line” oil/canvas, 14″ x 16″

Sam Barbar “Meltdown” Oil on canvas, 2021, 36″ x 36″

Michelle Mongan “Fish-eye View” Monoprint, 2017, 20″ x 16″

Eric Joyner “Happy Accident” Limited edition print #1, 2019, 28.5″ x 31.5″

Eric Joyner “Surfer Joe” #1 of 1 Limited edition print, 2019, 25.5″ x 29.5″

Marc Ellen Hamel “Amphitheatre” limited edition print of a monotype, 2014, 14″ x 14″ framed size

Bob Armstrong “Boudoir” Acrylic on canvas, 2009, Triptych: Center Panel 40″ x 30″, two side panels, each 40″ x 5″

Beth Shannon “Mokume Kane earrings” polymer clay, 2022, 1.5″ x 1.25″ x .5″

Mike Kimball “Blötberget” collage, 2018, 12″ x 9″ framed

Carol Banfield “Horizons” Oil on Canvas, 2019, 30″ x 40″ x 1 1/2″

Malik Seneferu “From the hill and beyond” Acrylic on canvas, 2022, 24″ x 48″

Carolyn Crampton “Tulips with Time” Acrylic on Canvas, 2016, 25″ x 25″ x 1.5″

James Groleau “Dark Cloud” mixed media, 2022, 24″ x 24″

Monica Denevan “Gehry’s Fish, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris” silver gelatin print, 2019, 15″ x 12″ x 1″

Elizabeth Tana “Thumbs Print (1)” Oil on canvas, 2015, two panels: 60″ h x 96″ w & 60″ h x 36″ w

Rab Terry “Desert Blooms” Venetian plaster on panel, 2021, 25″ x 9″

Kathleen Finney “Untitled” mixed media, 2017, 24″ x 24″ x 2″

Rebecca Fox “Circle Mist 14″ Patinaed Steel, 2021, 6″ x 6″ x 1.75”

Howard Hersh “Two Step” encaustic, 2006, 24″ x 12″ x 2″

Linda Hope “Sphere and Gold Ring I” Acrylic on Canvas, 2020, 20″ x 16″ x 2″

Marc Ellen Hamel “Spring and Fall” Mixed Media, 2010, 12″ diameter

Stephanie Peek “August Rose” ink on gesso panel, 2022, 5″ x 5″

Marc Ellen Hamel (donor) “Untitled” by Colette Crutcher, Monotype, 2002, 21″ h x 14″ w

Marius Starkey “Untitled” Oil on board, 2020, 16″x20″

Jeffrey Goldsmith “Pink Sienna, Not a Landscape” Acrylic on Canvas, 2021-2022, 28″ x24″

Jenny wantuch “Nocturnal” Oil and casein on panel, 2019, 30″ x10″

Carol Jessen “Looking west from Potrero Hill” Oil on Canvas, 2022, 30″ x 40″

John Arbuckle “Bowl of Cherries” 22 color hand pulled lithograph, 1995, paper size 20 1/2″ X 24″, image 12″ X 16″

Marc Ellen Hamel (donor) “Looking Out” by John Diehl, photography, 17″ x 21″ framed size

Kay Kang “Four Strokes” Oil/canvas, 2015, 24″ x 36″

Karen Slater “Monotype collage” 2021, 18″ x 17″

Karen Slater “Layers of Circles” Monotype, 2020, 13″x16″ framed

Bruce Katz “Still Life with Trumpet Vine and Peaches” Oil on canvas, 2017, 11″ x 9″

Kay Kang “Gestural study VI” oil/canvas, 2010, 24″ x 20″

Kimetha Vanderveen “Untitled” ink, watercolor on paper, 2021, 5.5″ x 3.5″ artwork, 9 5/8″ x 7 5/8″ x 1 1/2″ framed

Kim Smith “Poison – I want to know what’s in my food damn it!” Collage with antique papers, 2012, 17″ x 14.25″

Irena Kononova “From the Series Small Untitled Landscapes # 94″ oil on cradled panel, 2021, 10″ x 8”

Diana Krevsky “Holding the Pineapple” Acrylic on canvas, 1998, 20″ x 16″

Leila Noorani “Red Cadillac” Oil on wood panel, 2021, 6″ x 12″

Marc Ellen Hamel (donor) “Rostov Afternoon” by Liz Roth, etching, 1990, 22″ h x 14″ w framed size

Leslie Lowinger “Flower – Ax” etching with chinecolle, 2012, 26″ wide x 47″ high

Mike Kimball “Luftpost” collage, 2019, 12″h x 9″w framed size

Maria Mayr “The Gift” Oil on Canvas, 18″ x 18″, 2022

Marius Bosc “Figure and Green, Red and Yellow” Oil on canvas. 16”W x 20”H, unframed, wired for hanging. 2019

Benefit Auction for new Shipyard Art Gallery

Silent auction online starts at noon on October 14 and closes October 23 at 4PM
View artworks in person during Shipyard Open Studios October 22-23
Or online at any time between now and October 23 at 4PM.

Building 101's old auditorium has been renovated into a brilliantly designed gallery space with movable art panels. The majority of participating Open Studios artists have donated some of their best work to support our effort to outfit the barren gallery space into a functional multi- purposes room for future exhibits, art classes, artist talks and intimate performances. We need a projector, a sound system, tables and comfortable chairs, appliances for the adjacent kitchenette, and a sound attenuation system to make the room more acoustically pleasant to be in. There is an estimated cost of over $100,000, and we hope to raise a good chunk of that at this year's Shipyard Open Studios event.

Please consider bidding in the auction for your favorite artists' work. There is also the opoprtunity to make a cash donation to support particular gallery equipment needs, or make a general contribution.

You can browse the auction catalog at your leisure,  then sign up to bid when you are ready. Pick-up or shipping of auction purchases must be arranged with STAR ( The purchaser will be responsible for shipping charges, if any.

Browse od Bid Button

Gallery with open and closed panels

New Shipyard Art Gallery shown with panels folded and extended


All donated auction art will be displayed in our new art gallery in Building 101, Room 1212, during Shipyard Open Studios, October 22-23, 2022

  • View the artists’ work in one place, place your bids, then stroll around Hunters Point Shipyard and Islais Creek Studios October 22-23 to visit your favorite artists in their studios.
  • Since the bidding is all online, you wil be able to watch your favorite items and bid from whereever you are, including your home.
  • Monitor and bid from your phone, tablet or computer, and place additional bids anytime from anywhere.

Introducing our brand-new Shipyard art gallery and event space in building 101!

A brilliant design  of movable panels transforms the new clean multi-purpose room into an art gallery. There are also a storage space and kitchenette to support a variety of activities. This transformation, new ADA-compliant bathrooms, and several fire safety upgrades were paid for by a grant the City of San Francisco, obtained for the artists by the Office of Infrastructure and Community Investment (OCII), successor agency of the former Redevelopment Agency.

We would like to acknowledge the hard work that both OCII and the Department of Public Works (DPW) did to make the new gallery a reality, along with lots of safety upgrades to building 101. In particular, we thank project architect Rafael Guiterrez (DPW), who watched over the  design and superior implementation of the entire project, project managers Nikki Henry and Jonathan Plowman (OCII), senior staff Lila Hussain and former senior staff Amabel Akwa-Asare (also a STAR Advisory Board Member) and Executive Director Thor Kaslofsky. Last, but not least, we thank Leslie Terzian and Ryan Terzian from The Point (Bldg 101 property manager) and their entire staff for patiently facilitating the implementation and providing valuable input for the functionality.

Now it is up to us to outfit the space with furniture and equipment to make it fully functional. Please help us make that happen by donating and bidding generously!

Many Shipyard artists have donated excellent work for our silent auction. The proceeds will help bring us closer to our fundraising goal to purchase the gear we need.

Planned uses of this space include art classes, artist talks, exhibits and tours, installations, films and musical presentations. We are excited to have a venue that will allow our artists to connect with the public outside the twice-yearly Open Studios events.

Now it is up to the artists to outfit the space with furniture and equipment to make it fully functional. And we need your help!

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