Aisjah Hopkins Fine Arts

I work as San Francisco Bay Area Painter, exhibiting work for over 35 years, including the Bay Area, New York, Germany and New Zealand. I paint & exhibit my work at the Hunters Point Ship yard artist’s studios in San Francisco. My interests include symbolism, abstraction, realistic landscapes, and again abstraction of the landscape into planes. A huge focus in my work is my use of color. I studied with Viola Fry, ceramics & painting California College of the Arts, Franklin Williams San Francisco Art Institute, and with Lon Clark San Francisco Studio School. Recently I was asked by Vida a Google venture company to submit my paintings to be used as designs to create amazing scarves, wraps and other items. Everyone who sees an actual product wants to have it! The focus of my painting has changed since I first followed the abstract expressionist’s principals of Surrealistic ideas inspiring the concept of developing imagery through spontaneous gestural brush work to create abstract marks that expressed movement and maintained a flat picture space with little or no depth of field. Now I use existing references as a resource to derive abstraction. My intention is to paint the illusion of a three dimensional space on a two dimensional surface employing a more controlled use of the principals of visual language, using line, shape and color.
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