Larry Morace

Not long after arriving in the Bay Area years ago, Morace joined a large art colony (shipyardartists) at the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard.  He was immediately discovered by several art agents and received exhibitions at galleries and showing spaces.  He exhibited initially in San Francisco at Harleen and Allen and Dolby Chadwick galleries but also had shows in Japan, PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), Kansas City, San Rafael, Annapolis, Laguna Beach, Santa Cruz, and Stanford Art Spaces. His primary media has been oil painting, pastel painting and mixed media in 2D.  He's work is representational and  expressionistic.  Subjects are derived from scenes in the Bay Area and his travels for example, NYC, Cologne, Germany, Florence, Italy, Paris, Chicago, LA, and the desert and tropics.  Still life, portrait, and interior spaces are also included as subject. Publishing includes: 48 Pillars 2020, (Arc Gallery,2020),Catamaran Literary Reader (Spring Edition 2015), American Art Collector (Alcove Books, 2007), Bobbie Allen, Los Angeles Times 2003, Painting as a Language (Harcourt College Publishers,2000) , New American Paintings XIX (1999), Harvey Jones, San Francisco, (The Painted City Gibbs-Smith Publisher, 1993)