Marina Solé

I started by making a series of tiny "collages," which eventually evolved into a personal collection of art pieces. I store my collection all around the house, like an intimate curious museum to inspire my daily life, and document my evolving creative process. The obsession for antique papers, old books from all around the world, and scraps of gazettes helped me to create dialogs between faces, phrases and places, mixed to evoke beautifully shy effortless nostalgia. In parallel, and as a juxtaposition to my collages, the exquisite oil paint is my autre media. I create scenarios that oil can portray strongly to evoke mystery, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, sometimes specific and other times vague... shaped in colors and unstructured forms with a buoyant kick. The roots of each piece come from the spirit of nature, old memories, dAdA art/surrealism, infantile artifacts, imaginary spaces, and strange compositions that I create in my head to elicit curiosity. "Art is like Champagne, it tickles my brain" Having passion for what I do is my way of meditation, in order to achieve a neutral state of contentment. Living with this tickle allows me to see forms differently. Instead of looking directly at matter in the foreground, I intuitively perceive the outlines & edges that separates the subject from the negative spaces. These lines are the focal point of my interaction with the surrounding world, and inspire the visuals I create. Ultimately, the art process drives me to seek innovative ideas, or else revive forgotten ones both pure and sensitive, bringing the cracks and ironies of life to the surface.
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