Marius Starkey

The true transcendence of life occurs during the creative process. Through the richness and power of color, shape and form; a painting can become truly a transcendent vehicle for altering one’s consciousness and reality. The journey of what is real, and what has meaning, is the apotheosis of art’s purpose. My endeavors into the exploration of the ideas and profundity of life are what ignite my passion in finding a new perspective. Imagining worlds that transcend my thoughts and my own expectations send me to unexplored places. In my world, I get to transform and reimagine what paintings can be and that fuels my hopes and possibilities for life. There is no time, no fear, and no expectations when I work, only the chance to understand my deep emotional and physical connections with each image. Fluidity of brush strokes, motion, time, and space are fundamental concepts that truly deserve deeper aesthetical exploration. My paintbrush is merely a candle that lights my way through the vast journey of that exploration. My ultimate goal is transcendence, and through every brush stroke and caress of the paint on canvas, each dab of rich color is a sacrament to experiencing a more authentic and beautiful perspective to life itself.