Carolyn Crampton "Scary Bridge, Antioch," plein air view, 14" x 18", framed
Carolyn Crampton "Scary Bridge, Antioch," plein air view, 14" x 18", framed

Carolyn Crampton in 4th Street Fine Art Invitational

Shipyard artist Carolyn Crampton announces:

If you’ve encountered this tall, narrow bridge at 60 mph, you’ll know why I had to return to find a good vantage point to paint it. This is included in:

4th Street Fine Art Invitational

4th Street Fine Art Gallery, 2000 4th Street, Berkeley, CA

Show dates: May 6 to June 19, 2022

Opening reception: May 15th, 3 to 5pm

Gallery hours: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 12 Noon – 5 PM

From the gallery’s show announcement:

“4th Street Fine Art is proud to host an Invitational Exhibition for 2022. For this special event, our resident artists each invited a special guest artist of their choice. Each invited artist [contributed] artwork that fit within a space of 24″ x 24″ on our main exhibition wall.  The result is a delightful combination of abstract, realism, collage and fine drawing. If you’re looking for something new at 4th Street Fine Art, look no further.”

Carolyn Crampton “Spoons,” 30″ x 40″ x 2″, acrylic on canvas, framed

“You should leave your brain to science.”

—from a regular visitor at Hunters Point Shipyard Artists Spring Open Studios 2022, hopefully in jest (?)

Well, OK…I agree!

Thanks for visiting, clicking on our barrage of posts, and basically supporting indie SF artists. It doesn’t feel like the art is finished until people see it. And wow, did we get a lot of eyes on this weekend. I can attest that all the artists are in good spirits and energized to make more stuff. And honestly, I love to get any kind of feedback.

It was fun to show some of the wacky second advertising series from 1994-1996. It seemed to someone how “go” with my newer work. When I buckle down and learn more CSS code, I’ll add these and other earlier series to my website.

We’ll be back open for the public for Fall Open Studio on October 22 and 23. Visits to the shipyard at other times require an escorted appointment, so please contact me or another artist.

Our online stores are only up until May 11—but hopefully they’ll be back in the fall—here’s the link to my page and store.

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