Video: Eric Joyner - A Portrait of a Shipyard Artist

This episode highlights Eric Joyner, a painter well-known for his iconic scenes of robots and donuts, which range from deadpan to self-assuredly absurd. He is a member of San Francisco Society of Illustrators and New York Society of Illustrators,

Eric’s paintings have been featured on album covers, as set backdrops for TV’s “The Big Bang Theory,” on “The Stephen Colbert Show,” and in exhibitions across the U.S. and internationally.

“On a very basic level, I try to entertain myself. A lot of my paintings have to do with Earth and space . . . things I wish I could do, or places I’d like to go. So I paint those things and get lost in those worlds. Always keep in mind, art makes life worth living, it really does.” – Eric Joyner (Building 101, Studio 2206)

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