Student painting by Jennifer Feeley
Student painting by Jennifer Feeley

Fall 2021 Remote Learning at CCSF Extension

Shipyard artist Linda Hope announces courses she will be teaching this fall:

City Extension Program Fall 2021 class offerings are now on the CCSF website. This semester, starting in September, I will be teaching courses similar to the ones I used to teach at Ft. Mason, but modified for a remote learning experience. I will be teaching a process-oriented drawing class using principles of observational drawing from life with small-scale subject matter. I will also be teaching several acrylic painting classes, at both introductory and intermediate levels.

On the Drawing Class: This class is designed for absolute beginners or experienced artists! If you miss drawing the figure from life, especially if you are process oriented, this class can be a near approximation if you select objects, items, or scenes to draw that hold special meaning for you.

On the Acrylic Painting Classes: These classes are designed for absolute beginners or experienced artists! You can use the methods and processes presented in the beginning class to serve as the introduction to the unique properties of acrylic paints if you are new to painting, as a review, or to work independently. Or, if you have some experience painting with acrylics, you can join one of the other classes to experience remotely the spirit of painting with a group of other people.

You will be able to join me, as I teach from my studio via the Zoom and Canvas platforms. I will be able to interact with you via Zoom, and to do demonstrations in real time using a separate camera!

To receive a 15% discount on any Fall City Extension Classes, use the promo code: Fall2021 when you register.

For More information about each class and to register online (links open in a new tab):

Tabletop Drawing Class

Beginning Acrylic Painting Class

Intermediate Acrylic Painting Approaches

All Level Acrylic Painting Approaches

To view all City Extension Workshop Offerings: CCSF Extension Classes FALL 2021

All of the Extension workshops this fall will be offered remotely. It is hoped that face-to-face classes will resume sooner rather than later, and that City Extension will have found accommodations for the studio art classes that used to be held at the Ft. Mason campus in time for the start of the Spring Semester.

CCSF Extension student drawings and paintings (click for larger view):

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