Video: Howard Hersh - A Portrait of a Shipyard Artist

This episode highlights Howard Hersh, whose work embraces both painted and sculptural elements. The integration of two very differently defined disciplines - painting, which creates a two-dimensional illusion of the 3-D world, and sculpture, which exists wholly as a 3-D object - speaks to structure as both a metaphor and a reality.

Hersh is a third-generation artist whose work has been exhibited in over 250 group and solo shows. His work hangs in public spaces in the US, Japan, China, Indonesia and Africa.

“Thinking about being an architect earlier in my life actually focused me on fine art. I went back to school and quickly decided that fine art is where I should focus. But some of my pieces are definitely very architectural. I’ve always used color in my work and I have to say as time as gone on I’ve moved more and more toward black and white. I think that’s because I’ve become more interested in sculpture. I think of of myself as a maker of things, not a painter.” – Howard Hersh (Building 117, Studio 3103)